Terms of Membership

I understand that by signing this form, my credit card will be automatically billed for at least four shipments  (or pick-ups) per year. I further understand that I may be billed by a third party business for shipping and handling. I understand that I am committing to four (4) shipments of wine selected by Memaloose.

My membership may be canceled by email or an acknowledged phone call to 509-774-9050 with at least 2 week prior to a scheduled wine club shipment. I will be noticed of shipments by email at which time I will be billed by credit card. It is the members responsibility to keep all credit card information current.

Weather (too hot, or too cold) may postpone shipments, after billing, for 2-6 weeks. Wines purchased shipments or scheduled club pick-ups cannot replace scheduled wines. I am signed to pick up wines, my wines will be held for no more that 45 days from notification. after which wines will be shipped and my credit card charged for shipping and handling.


Wine Club

The Memaloose Wine Corps

The Memaloose Wine Corps is the inside track for Lovers of Memaloose Wines. We love our Wine Corp Members!”


The Memaloose wine club is known as the “Wine Corps”, after Lewis and Clark's “Corps of Discovery.” Four times per year we send out (or let you pick up at the Tasting Room) your chosen quantity of 2, 4, 6 or 12 bottles of the 2 wines selected by the winery. These wines are often new releases but can also be exclusive limited releases or even cherished “library” wines.

Benefits of Membership:

  20% discount on wine and gift items (30% off case purchases)

  Complementary tasting for members and up 5 guests in our tasting room

  Exclusive special events for Members and guests

  Priority access to rare vintages and limited releases

  Each shipment accompanied by exclusive member-only newsletter, with winemaker notes.

  Use of the spectacular Mistral Ranch for hikes and picnics (members should check in at tasting room, first)

Join the Wine Corps!
Call us at 509-774-9050 or
email us to join the Memaloose Wine Corp today!


Tasting Room Location:
34 State Street (HWY 14),
Lyle, WA 98635

Current Tasting Room Hours:

Thursday through Monday